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Leather Soft Footbed Orthopedic Arch-Support Sandals Slope with Fish Mouth Thick Bottom Embroidered Breathable Sandals Memory Soles 2021

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  • DEEP HEEL CUP - The very deep molding in the heel area supports the foot tissue and holds the heel bone firmly in its natural position. This provides the foot with nearly as much support when it is in a sandal as when it is in a closed shoe.

  • HEEL MOULD - Activates the calf muscles, stabilises the back of the foot and improves gait and coordination.

  • TOE GRIP - There are raised indentations at the front of the footbed near the toes. Thanks to the toe grip the toes remain loose and spread out in their natural position. The indentations also support the natural rolling motion of the toes.

  • FOOTBED EDGE - The footbed is drawn up especially high at the front. As a result, the high footbed edge protects the toes during the rolling motion of the foot.

  • NANO-FOAM - The important invention used in this pair of sandals is that the sole with nano-foam will transformation to fit and comfort on all feet. So this is the most comfortable type of sandals in the world.